Editor’s Pick: Transderma O – Optimal Booster Serum

© Julia Zierer

Anyone devoted to beauty has at least one serum from the Transderma brand in their bathroom cabinet. For my daily care routine the cosmetic VIP is indispensable. It quickly and efficiently gives the skin what it needs, without being layered on. Sometimes it’s really not so easy to find your way through the range of products that exists these days.

On the other hand, the serum nerds from Sweden captivate with a range consisting of only five highly concentrated vitamin serums – and they recently won me over with Transderma R.: The Resveratrol, which contains vitamin C, creates glowing skin in no time.

The latest coup from the far north: Transderma O – Optimal Booster Serum was presented to me in Stockholm by the adorable couple Dr. Alvin and Graziella Ronlán (the founder of Transderma). In the small silver-orange bottle, reminiscent of a little space shuttle, is 30 ml of concentrated power.

In addition to PPQ (pyrrolo chinlinchinon), which came to earth with meteorites and stardust and is now found in all living cells, there’s vitamin B complex, kinetin (a natural plant substance) and keratin in the formula. Together the ingredients form a cocktail targeting and supporting mitochondria in the skin cells, which are responsible for the natural protection of the skin. The skin regains strength, resilience and stays young. (Graziella Ronlán explained to me that anti-aging is a taboo at Transderma. Because of course one ages and it shouldn’t have negative connotations: that said, you can stay beautiful, that’s important.) As with all Transderma serums, Transderma O is odorless and comes without additional watery content, preservatives and emulsifiers.

I wear the serum in the evening instead of a night cream, in the morning before my daily care routine and all the time in between. The skin is warmed and tingles and feels like a sponge soaked with moisture. As though it was pumped full of energy, my skin stays smoother, softer and somehow glowing long after application. A little like back to the future via serum shuttle.