Editor’s Pick: The Velvet Christy from Aquazzura

Editors Pick Aquazzura Flats

Velvet – at first it’s reminiscent of a treasure cabinet, a little dusty, vintage, perhaps a dandy’s cape or vampire’s cloak. Soft like the paws of a cat. Velvet is caressing, romantic even. I think of a forgotten world, where everything isn’t available all the time and everywhere. Darkness, a fire in the fireplace, high-necked collars and tightly laced corsets. Glamor and the wealth of an bygone era. Winona Ryder, Mick Jagger and Louis XIV. Indulging alone in a time associated with defiance: Was there ever a winter season without velvet? Now again, quite loudly: Velvet is everything we want! Our rapture is loud and clear, particularly concerning shoes (when I speak in plural, above all I’m thinking of Julia Knolle, aka Lady Black Velvet).

Why? Perhaps in velvet we feel like Cinderella in her slippers. But, finally to the point. The Christy from Aquazzura is a light-footed ballerina with a pretty lace, almost perfect for cool autumn days as well as balmy late-summer evenings. And a summer tan raises them to perfection. Somehow, they’re almost an all-rounder – and now they’re even in velvet. Need I say more?