Editor’s Pick: Prada Inside Bag

Hypothetically, if Anna Wintour asked me what bag I would wear every day, I would answer like a gunshot: the little Prada Inside Bag! And, just between us, I would only too happily  have the entire color array of this adorable thing in my closet at home.

Back to reality: Which model is at the fore? During the show in February I was completely blown away by the sweet concept – all colors, sizes and materials looks so delicious that my mouth started to water just looking at them. The re-see (as the appointments after the show are called, where you can see the entire collection on hangers and touch practically at whim) felt almost like “Home Alone” and a toy paradise just before Christmas, all in one. I promptly photographed every single one. Is there anything better than mint combined with pale blue, emerald green with turquoise, raspberry with pink or chocolate brown with turquoise? In contrast to the heavenly colors is the sporty form, reminiscent of a beauty case. Or a small pillow, that you just want to carry under your arm and secretly lay your head upon… #dreaming

Translation: Alicia Reuter