Editor’s Pick: Dionysus Bag by Gucci

Gucci Tasche

It feels like yesterday that I decided if I were to carry a bag at all, it would be very very small. More ornamental than functional and usually not even enough with space for a credit card, iPhone and lip care. So it’s no surprise that I welcome roomy coats with inner pockets and the pockets of my friends. I still enjoy the feeling of having free hands and shoulders. Making it all the more surprising that a bag is my current favorite and preferred companion wherever I go. Yes, even a full-size one with straps. And to top it all off, I’m wearing it during the day and night. It’s perfect for my leather jacket and even better with an elegant slip dress. The combination of the monogram and suede is almost like camouflage and goes with everything. Even my pedantic shoes and bag rules (by no means the same material or color, and by no means the same label) are overridden. May I introduce my personal autumn miracle: the Dionysus from Gucci.