Editor’s Pick: 950 Boot by Yeezy

Spot on: As of today “Season 1” from Yeezy is available worldwide, naturally only in hand-picked stores. Kanye West’s design collaboration with Adidas (and staged by Vanessa Beecroft) might prove to what extent the dream team, aka the West Family, serve as testimonials and what kind of influence they can have on sales with their fantastic self-promotion and marketing across all channels. Not to be forgotten, even Anna Wintour contributes, as a regular guest at the shows next to Baby North (!).

Modestly, Yeezy only has four official Instagram profiles and has already gathered over a million hashtags – to comparison, Vetements has just over 78k. One thing is clear, it’s definitely easy to argue over Mr. West’s persona as well as the wearability of the collection. (A big thank you to JK for the great studio show link and for her tip to start at the ten minute mark regarding the topic of “creative genius.”) Nevertheless, he absolutely has “street credibility.” You just want to put the pieces on and feel ready for the streets.

At least that’s how I feel about the “950” boots in nude. They remind me a bit of my beloved Sorel boots that come out every winter. However, they are a) much lighter (thank you!!!) b) bulky in just the right way c) chic through functionality and uniformity! And d) simply put: “Shoes people wanna line up for!!!!”

Anyone worried about being too small for this kind of boot can wear the version with the integrated five centimeter heel. I like the contrast of the completely impractical for the street nude color. It really only works in LA – or if you don’t actually touch the street with your feet aka only the floorboards at home. The main thing – the snow guard-like sole on the heel.