Beauty on the go: fresh me up!

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Between office time and after work appointments there is usually not enough time for a complete make over. We chose a couple of products that achieve a great effect with little effort when in a rush.

Detox Drybar Shampoo


Detox Dry Shampoo, USD 22,00 via Sephora

1. Dry shampoo: unjustly it doesn’t have the greatest reputation. Once you found the right one you’ll save yourself time from one or the other extensive hair wash and refresh straggly, featureless hair in an instant. With a wonderful fresh “day at the sea” scent like the Detox Dry Shampoo by drybar, a discovery from New York, the decision pro dry shampoo is an easy one anyway. A few sprays on the hairline and the bottom hair are sufficient. Let the light white film be absorbed for a few minutes to then massage and work it into the hair (clean, dry hands are important to not spread dirt in your hair). Brush it out headlong or, if you have a hair dryer, blow it out. Use your fingers to work the length of the hair and slightly backcomb the hairline. You’ll have loosely falling fresh hair and all without washing it.

Only disadvantage: the hair wash in a can is not yet available in Europe. Best is a collective order from Sephora. The small size is perfect on the go.


Dragon’s Blood Eyemask, USD 39,00 via Skin Store

2. Eye mask: If you have a 20 minute break between two appointments you should spend this time to use the Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Mask. The soaked under eye patches come in handy single packages and are applied underneath the eyes to unfold their effect. Essence of the dragon’s blood tree smoothens and protects, hyaluronic acid boosts the skin and provides moisture while arnica extract eases puffiness. A slight tingling sensation provides a feeling of freshness. Best close your eyes while the skin is taking up the product and later massage in what’s left over. It’s like a power nap for your eyes!

Time Control

Liplift Peel, € 13,50 via Être Belle Cosmetics

3. Lip balm: to quickly paint your lips red is probably the most common dress-up-trick. It works everywhere, in the car, at the desk, and even while walking looking into a pocket mirror. On dry and scruffy lips any attempt to get the pout right will fail. This is why it’s advisable to always carry a lip peel in your purse right next to your favorite color. For example the Time Control Liplift Peel  by être belle. Inside the small cream tube is a delicate peeling mousse that makes your lips velvety soft in the blink of an eye. Simply apply it, massage it in and wash it off. 

RMS Beauty

Lip2Cheek, € 32,00 via Niche Beauty

4. On smooth lips, the Lip2cheek by RMS Beauty will last much longer. It is a difference that you’ll feel and see. Very handy is that you can use the color on lips and cheeks to instantly look rosy and healthy.


Illuminator, GBP 30,00 via

5. Highlighter: for a fresh, radiant taint or as a finish for an expressive make-up look a highlighter is indispensable. It belongs in a beauty bag either in a liquid version or a creamy texture. A dab on the nose, underneath the eyebrows, in the corner of the eyes and a little on the upper lip will add brilliant accents. For the nude look only use moisturizer, concealer, a little rosy rouge and the highlighter to make a tired face look luminous again. Ideal to freshen up a day make up for the evening. The Illuminator Polka Dots and Moonbeams from ILIA is enriched with nurturing rosehip oil, wonderful to apply and in pencil form just the right tool on the go.

Translation: Georgia Reeve