7 Days for Man Repeller

When Leandra Medine, founder and face of www.manrepeller.com an intelligent fashion blog from New York, asked me if I could take a picture of my outfit for her every day through one week, I was perplexed at first. Why me? Usually I am the one looking at pictures of her outfits thinking: “Wow, I really want that piece” or “I’ve never seen a combination like that, never thought of it… need to try it for myself asap!” You can definitely say that I am a manrepeller.com fan since the very beginning and my colleagues at the hey-woman office are too. The concept of the website combined with Leandra’s intuition for great looks and that she shares it with the world adding just the right amount of humor makes our hearts beat faster.

I had a really hard time thinking if I should wear something to repel Justin… To be honest that wouldn’t work with anything out of my closet because I always (except shopping underwear) ask his opinion. A fact I had not realized before and that is although I am a stylist and know exactly what I like. It just really interests me what he thinks. Not only because he has a good eye and would always, straight forward tell me what suits me, but because he is my boyfriend who I want to look good for. Giving it a deeper thought, my style icons have always been the same and he certainly has supported me being relaxed about fashion. That is also because he apparently likes me best in jeans and t-shirts.

Back to the topic: very much to my “hey woman!” partner and early riser Julia Knolle’s suffering, I am a notorious slowpoke. The simple reason for this is that I love to get dressed taking my sweet time and really enjoy being at home, having my first, second, and sometimes third coffee – German style – on our balcony. Of course, I will already check my emails, Instagram and the newspaper, but the first hours of a summer day will definitely take place on the balcony. Hence, the idea taking the pictures right there. You can see the outfits of my two favorite days – Monday and Sunday – here. For the full article head over to: www.manrepeller.com

Veronika Heilbrunner

Monday: Isabel Marant Étoile T-shirt, Vintage Levi’s 501, Aquazzura flats, Victoria Beckham sunglasses, Miu Miu bucket bag

Veronika Heilbrunner

Sunday: Valentino dress, Louis Vuitton Petit Malle & Nike Flyknits

Images: Julia Zierer

Translation: Georgia Reeve