Stella von Senger x Man Repeller: Belt Bags

Stella von Senger shows how to style the “fanny pack” into a far more modern and fashionable “belt bag” over on Man Repeller

Belt bags, fanny packs, bum bags…whatever you call them, they’re one of those awful yet oh-so-practical inventions! Ubiquitous in the 90s, they’ve since been relegated to tourist-wear (and, of course, combined with the traditional Birkenstocks and white socks!) or to la banlieue, worn on top of head-to-toe Lacoste shell suits with the pants tucked into white sports socks and Nike TNs.

But now, in 2017, scroll through Instagram and you’ll see belt bags once, twice – so many times that it’s clear the accessory is back. Actually, it all makes sense considering the true 90s revival that’s been happening recently and how streetwear has become highly fashionable. It started with the sneakers, then the caps, the gold teeth (unfortunately…), and now it is time to re-welcome the belt bag in our closets!

Waist bags – another of this accessory’s dozens of names – first caught my eye in 2016 when Balenciaga featured them in the SS16 collection. No longer associated with bad taste, old tourists, or rappers, it’s become a new, ultra-chic accessory made of immaculate silk in white or pastel colors. After a slow start, it’s finally official: The belt bag is ready to get a whole new, stylish image. And not just on prêt-a-porter and haute couture runways. They are also being seen on the coolest bloggers, it-girls, and off-duty models. Its new major fans: Kendall Jenner and…our friend and contributor Stella von Senger!

Worn on the waist for the classicist – or cross-body for the more adventurous! – the belt bag is everywhere and, seriously, who hasn’t dreamed of moving around without the bother of carrying a handbag? Holding your child and picking out lemons in your local grocery store at the same time? Answering your emails in the street while eating an apple? Wow so many new possibilities… I am free, free for youuuu!

From ghetto to haute couture, belt bags have come a long way. Genderless and allowing so much freedom of movement, they are definitely the wonder woman accessory for 2017 – and, if you’re still wondering how to wear it, our lovely Stella offers a fabulous lesson over on Man Repeller!

Read Stella von Senger’s article on belt bags at Man Repeller here or follow her Instagram account (@stella_vonsenger) here.


Photos: Sandra Semburg
styling: Stella von Senger & DjGigola

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