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In her latest horoscope, Alexandra Kruse explains the advantages of a new moon in Aries

Last week began with a crazy astrological highlight: The new moon in Aries – willpower and strength, think of the horns that can break through just about any wall – is something of a birthday in astrology, New Year’s and Mardi Gras in one. With the so-called equinox having occurred a few days beforehand, this moment of balance where the Zodiac ends on vague Pisces and begins again with fiery Aries is generally a time of growth, a time to observe nature as it’s about to do somersaults. A cherry tree in full bloom is beautiful and ephemeral at the same time, basically a living lesson for living in the now. So it’s the ideal moment to devote some generous time to thinking about what the next months should bring – both large and small.

Oh, and when it comes to the lottery, you can only win if you play – that means that goals don’t become a reality all on their own, no matter how much you believe in Cinderella. By all means, give the good fairy a helping hand if only by thinking about what you really want. Yes, your so-called heart’s desire. (Experts in the field of manifestation concentrate, write their desires on a sheet of paper, plant it with a few seeds of their choice in a pot, and then watch their wishes grow with it. Very easy and 100% plant-based.)

But all in all, it’s no reason for rash activism. There are still a few cosmic moves ahead that will make everything more complicated – especially if you want to eat the cherries in summer and still nibble on the marmalade in the coming winter, if you know what I mean. Sustainability is a rather overused buzzword, but when it’s about your own energy, you better watch out. To be so completely by yourself and still be yourself…no easy task!

And still there was the day when the fashion collective – otherwise rather slow to enthusiasm – let themselves get carried away with a super WOW. Major Tom…er…Karl (what a great time for grand emo show, sun in Pisces and moon in Cancer…it’s rarely so watery, which could also explain all the rain during Paris Fashion Week…) didn’t just cause a commotion, no, he also set off a rocket – an unforgettable experience. If one considers the unmistakable sense for every kind of prophecy (now we’re thinking of the revolutionary Women’s March at the start of 2017), humanity should really make up their minds when it comes to a suitable exit strategy. Actually, it would be a good time to call in Agents Mulder and Scully from the good old X Files. Or Sabrina, the teenage witch.

Speaking of series, I found that recently time was primarily to be used in devotional dedication to binge watching. I basically inhaled The OA, Sense8, Mr. Robot, and Stranger Things all without lasting injury, but with an explosive insight that goes far beyond Brit Marling’s incredible look. We are definitely ready for new dimensions and galaxies. Honestly, such a quantum leap in human consciousness is never fun, particularly when really fundamental questions arise. How real am I really? Am I living my potential? Why am I here? Even all of the basic stuff batting around. I’m surely not the only one who’s recognizing all this on a bodily level – finding that you’ve already asked yourself many times which way is up and which way is down. And you’re still dull and tired after the 10th nettle and ginger smoothie, even with a wheatgrass shot. Consciousness transformation is definitely hard work and doesn’t just happen!! Plus, there’s all of those worldly questions…

Why are the tax forms still lying around in individual receipts? Why haven’t I used my yoga membership even once? Or started a Japanese class? How is my breakfast independent of #instagramability? And how is it that otherwise I also somehow don’t quite make it in Pierre Hardy hooves? Don’t worry about it.

And no, with that I don’t want to say that those brand new Stella McCartney x Adidas running shoes wouldn’t love to get to know the park, or that you shouldn’t go out there with all your strength. Quite the opposite. The idea is to assign your energy well and make yourself the top priority. It’s all about Venus, and when it’s all about Venus, it’s all about love and cash. Love and sex and money. In any order. And when Venus is in retrograde (as it is right now – #venusRX, just until the 16th of April, hallelujah), it’s time to look closely at its themes. Self-worth is behind it. What is more important to me? Is this relationship still good for me? What is my work worth? And why can’t you pay rent with karma points?

All of the difficult and most challenging relationship questions are gathering around and, when it goes really badly, then all sorts of ex-whatevers come back again – even if just in our dreams. The suggestion of rekindling an old romance may pop up now, but that is just about as clever an idea as putting on the same underwear after taking a shower. So, it’s time for a major clean up. The catchphrase: “I am saging myself so hard right now.” Periodic sage burning actually gets things going, and why not do a good spring clean while you’re at it?

The idea would generally be not to freak out at the same time, sue Tinder, or go and get divorced. Instead, think about where your own needs lie rationally and reasonably, whether or not you need a little more space (my boyfriend is doing dance performances right now in which a lot of Vaseline and iron chains come into play and is thinking about buying a wig, no joke, but he is my boyfriend and love has its…er…aspects…and he also leaves me be to ride my broom…) So that everyone on the planet here understands, we’re just entering into relationships really horribly: What we should be looking into immediately is exactly what annoys us about others. Tada!

By the way, Venus is also the boss when it comes to beauty in the widest sense – Botticelli knew what he was doing when he painted her. So, why not invest in a beauty routine that looks inside, do a self-love workshop, and get a jade egg (if Gwyneth can do it, you can do it!!). In any case, the thing about eggs and hormones is a real topic. I urgently advise you to get in contact with Ostara, the goddess of fertility. She brings us back light, warmth, and life and symbolizes new growth and rebirth. What and who will be born, luckily we can decide that ourselves. Anyway, it’s a good time to let go of the old and begin something new.

Generally speaking, make big plans but not big (love) commitments. Don’t get married. Leave that Celine dress on the hanger awhile longer. Just don’t rush anything. After the 16th of April the world will look a little different. Unfortunately, Mercury will be in retrograde at that point (until May 3rd). Mercury rules communication in every form – computers go crazy, mistakes happen that no one can explain, bookings can’t be made, trains and flights do what they want. You name it. Even worse: Saturn, the one with the rings around it, joins in (April 6th through August 25th) and here it’s really about preservation as the Saturn principle tests who has what cups left in the cupboard. It could be you’d be better off in Karl’s rocket.

You could take a closer look at my favorite advanced astro nerds Kaypacha’s  Venus Projekt. Or move into Doug Aitken’s Mirage right away. Otherwise, you can hold onto thoughts of being a daffodil (they also don’t ask if they’re going to bloom this year or wait until the next one…), plan a trip to the Maldives (…yeah, I know the environmental footprint ruins it, but chia seeds and avocados are also imports…). Or just turn inside yourself.

Until then, there’s actually only the question of where I can get that unbelievable pink metallic astronaut rescue cap from the Chanel runway. And where you can learn the unbelievable OA choreography. And what the whole secret of self-love is.


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Alexandra Kruse

Alexandra Kruse completed her studies in Fashion Journalism and lost her heart to Elle Girl ten years ago. These days she writes from the heart and works as a stylist. Her work has appeared on huge billboards as well as in Vogue, Time Magazine, and numerous other publications. She lives in Switzerland with her little blonde son and her DJing, yoga-teaching boyfriend. Originally from a small German village she worked her way up the fashion ladder via magazines, department stores, and countless bars while spending a fortune on shoes and handbags. She finally found her love, luck, and light in Zurich and believes in unicorns, the power of crystals, and the magic of the moon. She loves to share her universe-approved stories.