Best-of Fashion Videos: Fendi, AG Jeans & Calvin Klein

©Collage / Oriane Baud

Top 5 fashion videos: Our YouTube picks for April including Fendi, Calvin Klein, and more

It always takes a while to stumble across good video content and then edit it down into a neat “best of” list for you guys. But these days it seems that the moon has taken a position conducive to creativity, getting Fendi, AG Jeans, Calvin Klein, and more hustling and finally making use of moving pictures again:

1. Fendi, A Girl’s Secret

It’s nothing bad when a colorful, snappy, and fresh fashion video with a focus on phone cases and small bags (officially creations from the Spring/Summer and Pre-Fall 2017 collections) gets a few good names on board. That’s the case with Fendi’s A Girl’s Secret, which I think is very successful. With Rebecca Zlotowksi behind the camera, actress Sigrid Bouaziz (who you can see alongside Kirsten Stewart and Lars Eidinger in Personal Shopper) upstages everyone. She mimes an “interpretation of a modern Marie Antoinette on a summer’s night in the streets of Paris” – sounds like a winner!

2. AG Jeans

Right before everybody’s darling Alexa Chung launches her own collection, she’s gone and put together another big film for YouTube with her long-term collaborative partner AG Jeans. Some people try to be funny: I believe Alexa really IS funny in real life. The scripts for these little video snippets – which are a delight cut together at a total of 3:30 minutes – are scored with bouncing chanson music and are so wonderful to watch that I wanted to plonk down my job for a while to only be one thing: an Alexa. She tries to get through the language barrier in Paris and integrates with the French as only someone who is blessed with a dash of humor can.

3. Calvin Klein, American Classics

At the same time as being a filmmaker, Julian Klincewicz is also a self-proclaimed artist and has already wowed Gosha Rubchinsky and Kanye West. Now his keen eye has also caught the attention of Ralf Simons, who let Klincewicz interpret the Calvin Klein Spring 2017 collection American Classics through the lens of a Super 8 camera. He observes a basketball-playing Fernando in Sitges, Spain, films model Lulu – who you could already see in the print campaign for the collection – in a field in Brooklyn, and is lead through a night in Queens by Kiki and Jonas. The look is retro and you’ll be reminded of Sofia Coppola, but it doesn’t matter – you’ll immediately want to be 17 again watching it.

4. Off-White c/o, CUT HERE

An integral part of my journalistic research is comprised of canvassing the feeds of my lovingly curated YouTube account. I’ve already found a gem or two there and it’s also how we ran across the content of, which I think disappears all too often. A few trailers for the online shop’s collaboration with Off-White have been available there for a few days now. Glimpses into the studio – which surely isn’t open to just anyone – make the clips an utterly delicious find. What the pieces will look like when they’re finished, that can only be vaguely surmised. Nevertheless, we really like this little appetizer.

5. Jina Khayyer TV, The Talk Shoe

She calls it Jina Khayyer TV, but at the end of the day it’s corporate content for the shoe brand Francesco Russo that’s based, content-wise, on her own made-up “questionnaire.” Of course you can do it, but what a shame that you can only see the feet of the women she’s talking with. Lily McMenamy starts things off, while the second in line is author Anne Berest, with whom a chat show in Paris was happening at the same time. The recent member of this group is the artist Oda Jaune. The idea is fresh and it’s good – we’ll just have to wait and see which other protagonists can be won over to join in.

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