Top 3: Fresh Cosmetics

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Fresh is an attribute that you could wish for in many things: fresh food, fresh linen, fresh flowers. But fresh cosmetics?

Aside from the occasional avocado mask you mix together at home, cosmetics should keep some months or even years. One can imagine what it takes to stabilize a product and to extend its durability: chemistry, or in other words artificial preservatives.

So they are necessary, right?

Apparently not. Fresh Cosmetics is a new type of skin care that does not even try to artificially prolong a  product’s shelf life. Without artificial preservatives, the products have a relatively short “lifespan”, so there is an expiration date on the package that tells you when the product might go bad or not fulfill its purpose anymore. Until then, you have a good time with absolutely fresh and pure cosmetics, and the amounts of product are ideally designed to be used up in the storage period.

These are our three fresh favorites:


1. Nuori

The products bearing this beautiful name come from Denmark, where they are prepared in small quantities every three months.

The active ingredients, such as natural essential oils and plant extracts, vitamins and amino acids are all of natural origin. According to the brand philosophy these purely natural ingredients are much more effective than artificial substances, because they are so similar to the structure of healthy skin, which is why they stimulate and support its natural regeneration processes.

At Nuori artificial stabilizers for a longer shelf life, dyes to change the product’s color or synthetic fragrances for a different smell, as well as agents which modify the consistency artificially, are off limits.

Their products are packaged in jars, bottles and tubes in a typically scandinavian pure design. They not only look beautiful, but also ensure optimum protection against impacts from air, light and bacteria and they ensure the product’s consistency is maintained for as long as possible.

For example this is off great importance for the Vital Foaming Cleanser which is as airy and as delicate as bath foam.

The foam smells fruity and fresh and when in contact with water it vanishes quickly, which indicated that it does not contain artificial products to hold its form. It’s best to applied it to a damp face and then massage it in, to let it work its wonders: to nurture and clean your skin, all at once. 

The Perfecting Body Oil smells lile citrus fruit and provides with smooth, shiny skin. Its main ingredients are avocado oil as well as apricot kernel oil and grape oil. All of these have a high amount of essential fatty acids, that your body can’t produce on its own, but which are very important and should be received through nutrition or through your skin. Organic rose hip oil regenerates the skin and Vitamin E provides for antioxidant protection. And the Lip Treat is a blessing for dry, chapped lips. Avocado and shea butter nurture the skin with moisture and beeswax disinfects and has a remedial effect. Plus there is vanilla and peppermint oil for a nice smell as well as a fresh feel and taste. Moreover, the consistency is just perfect: smooth and creamy but not too liquid. Three months of shelf life – no problem!The little tube might be empty in a few weeks already.

2. Natural Talent

Fresh Cosmetics made in Hamburg. The founders behind the brand, Phillip Grote and Melanie Schulz, have years of experience in the natural cosmetics range and therefore the best contacts with small factories from whom they obtain the ingredients for their products. Cold-pressed oils and plant extracts are used. Parabens, silicones, Palm and mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances on the other hand are completely omitted. Likewise, animal ingredients, which means that all products are also vegan.

In a small team, the peels, wrinkle and eye creams are made fresh weekly and provided with an expiration date. In disposable glasses filled and wrapped with love, the cosmetics will be sent on request.

The peeling with extracts of bamboo juice and finely ground bamboo grains is particularly impressive.  It cleanses gently, smells natural and refreshing. When used once to twice a week the  amount will easily last  for the stated durability.

What’s practical: There are products for men and women, that can be ordered online in small tester pots. For 10 € you get the complete product range in the mini version and can thus find out at home, what suits you and your skin.


Peeling, € 20.00 via Naturtalent

3. Ringana

The cosmetics and dietary supplements labeled “so fresh” are produced in southern Austria. The range is huge: from capsules for ingestion, that support various vital functions to teas and beauty drinks as well as hair, facial and body care: Ringana offers almost everything the heart desires. It only has to be fresh.

Like the little energy shots Ringanachi. A pineapple-ginger concentrate that is enriched with maca, ginseng and caffeine breathes new life into your metabolism and strengthens your immune system.

The regimen prescribes one bottle a day, either pure or diluted with water. But you can also store the drinks in the fridge and have a sip whenever you need a little extra energy. To skip the usual cup of coffee every now and then, probably cannot hurt. And for tired and stressed skin structural lipids are just the right thing. The special care with pure and highly concentrated Tamanu-, avocado, borage and jojoba oil reduces small wrinkles, refills your moisture reserves and thus improves your skin texture. What organic energy drinks cause from the inside, structural lipids do from the outside. Although the smell takes some getting used to, your smoothened and glowing skin makes up for all of it.

Julia Alfert

Originally from Hamburg, Julia Alfert moved to Berlin from Paris in 2010. After completing her studies in Art History and trying out different jobs, her path led her to Harper’s Bazaar, where she worked as Fashion & Beauty Assistant until mid 2015. While she’s harboured a love for all things beauty-related for as long as she can remember, her discovery of the written word is recent. When Julia isn’t busy trying out different creams, oils, and sprays she writes and styles for an assortment of magazines and websites.