Summer 2016: See you later!

©Collage / Oriane Baud

Even we need a little breather and crave time to see the sun. So that you won’t get bored, here’s a little recommended reading

Today’s extensive recommended reading is in our own interests, because even the most ambitious team needs to take a little break sometimes. As much as we also love working in the office, in August the mills are milling a little slower, the city is completely empty, and so NOW is exactly the right time to devote ourselves to the little things in life, the ones that have nothing do with laptops or smartphones. That would be, for example: sandy beaches, sunsets, aperitivos, sun burns, exploring holiday towns, reading books printed on paper (and some good tips for someone who knows all about that can be found here).

It will be quieter here until the end of August, but since our content is already timeless, we’ve gone out of our way to put together some of our favorites sections. And those would be, in all their glory:

Don’t be too sad, we’ll be back soon. And sometimes you have to say a quick goodbye to make the anticipation of the return that much sweeter. We’re looking forward to the next season, which by then will be really close to kicking off at the shows in New York. See you in September, bisous.

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