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As the name suggests, Resort Season (also called: Cruise) is designed for short trips in the sun. It also totally makes sense that the collections are in stores at the end of November. I searched for and found summery pieces in the middle of December for my Christmas vacation in Australia! But what do you do when you’re back in the freezing cold? My suggestion: stay at home and pretend that it’s spring again. The fresh colors and cute designs of this resort collection are especially nice in the cold light of winter. And to avoid looking like you’ve just stayed in your pyjamas, I combine my favorite pieces with sporty elements like polo shirts and bomber jackets. They’re also a great investment for your summer wardrobe, the track suit and everything that goes with it will experience a fashion revival in summer. 

Photographed by the talented Julia Zierer one day in January in my home (of course).

I fell in love with this shirt from Altuzarra right away when it was presented last June: Instagram link here. The fine material and the pastel colors are in and of themselves a contrast to the sporty retro print in a V shape. That’s why I wear the extremely chic and incredibly comfortable pants from Valentino. The dream catcher earrings, also from Valentino, are perfect with the polo shirt and the dream bag is from Chloé – studs, the basket shape and suede in dark brown make a good Boho vibe.

Polo Shirt by Aquazurra,Pyjama Pants by Valentino, Bag by Chloé, Earrings Dream Catcher by Valentino, Apple Watch

The pastel-colored evening dress shows off with neon hearts – instead of a deep cut. I think it’s way too good for the dark of evening. That’s why I wear this great piece during the day with an extra cool house coat from Acne Studios.

Dress by Christopher Kane, Coat by Acne Studios

I’ve never liked clip-on earrings. But, since I’m crazy about the big rhinestone hearts from Christopher Kane, I’ve simply converted them into a barrette. With the chic black wrap slip dress from Tomas Maier, I prefer to wear something that creates quite a contrast underneath, like the tunic blouse from Isabel Marant.

Clip-on earrings by Christopher Kane, Dress by Tomas Maier, Tunic Blouse by Isabel Marant, Étoile

My favorite detail on the jacket by Acne Studios are the “armbands.” They give something playful, almost Victorian, to the graphic stripes. And I love how the refined neckline of the dress from Christopher Kane shines through.

The idea of using a rocket as a motif for a knit sweater and making the whole thing look damn good, could only come from Miuccia Prada. For me, it’s the sweater of the season!

Dress by Christopher Kane, Coat by Acne Studios, Motif Sweater by Prada

I think it’s awesome to apply embroidered hearts on the knees of black jeans, and it reminds me of my favorite pants from kindergarten: washed out dark blue with black leather hearts on the knees. Thank you Christopher Kane! With it, I’m wearing the super romantic Carmen blouse from Chloé. Cheers!

Off-the-shoulder Blouse by Chloé, Jeans with Patches by Christopher Kane

The mini dress from Erdem is one of my favorites. First, it’s a classic, it just always works: with summer sandals, in the daytime with wide black trousers or, as seen here, with a polo shirt from Fred Perry.

Also the flower motif on black reminds me of old master still lifes. I think the lettered armband from Louis Vuitton is just terrific and works perfectly with my Trinity ring from Cartier, I wear both with almost everything.

Dress by Erdem, Polo Shirt by Fred Perry, Bracelet by Louis Vuitton, Ring by Cartier, Apple Watch

The Boho blouse from Chloé is one of my absolute favorite pieces. Also because you can wear it in so many different ways. My favorite is clearly: off-the-shoulders like the Carmen blouse!

Off-the-shoulder Blouse by Chloé, Jeans with Patches by Christopher Kane

I break up the David Hamilton romantic of the blouse from Chloé with those cool black jeans from Christopher Kane. Of course,  again with my favorite platform sandals by Isabel Marant.

Off-the-shoulder Blouse by Chloé, Jeans with Patches by Christopher Kane, Platform Sandals by Isabel Marant, Etoile

The cute motif sweater from Prada with super cool, extra long culottes by Chloé and, of course, my platform sandals by Isabel Marant. So that the look isn’t too sporty, I combine it with a small, fine vintage bag.

I brought the logo t-shirt back with me from Australia. Sydney’s it girl Pip Edwards (Design Director from Australia’s fashion retailer General Pants) is bringing an active wear line with the name of P.E. Nation to the market this spring. And I’m already a huge fan! The pretty 60s skirt from Dolce & Gabbana is a great contrast with the retro print of the shirt and the lined bomber jacket from Saint Laurent makes the look appropriate for winter.

Motif Sweater by Prada, Culottes by Chloé, Platform Sandals by Isabel Marant, Etoile, T-Shirt by P.E Nation, Bomber by Saint Laurent, Skirt by Dolce & Gabbana,  Apple Watch  


Pieces like the lace skirt from Dolce & Gabbana have a very girly feel, which is why I usually combine it with something sporty or rock ‘n’ roll. The bomber jacket from Saint Laurent can do both and more. My Apple watch gives the look its final touch.

Bomber by Saint Laurent, Skirt by Dolce & Gabbana,  Apple Watch  

At first glance the bomber from Valentino looks very sporty, but the elaborate embroidery on pure silk is total luxury. In combination with the slit skirt from Christopher Kane and in contrast to the platform sandals from Isabel Marant = my look for the next party! If the party isn’t at home, of course, I’ll trade the platform sandals for Dr. Martens.

Silk Bomber by Valentino,  Skirt by Christopher KanePlatform Sandals by Isabel Marant, Etoile, Apple Watch  

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Translation: Alicia Reuter