Editor’s Pick: Ballet flats by Miu Miu

©Julia Zierer

For starters, here’s a quick reminder of how well Julia and I complement each other. While my search for the next “new” companion is highly spontaneous and often depends on my little fashion whims, Julia tends to put weeks and months of research into every new addition to her wardrobe.

Whether this is about the first anniversary of hey woman! (#boom) or it’s just a funny coincidence, I will not comment. So here’s the short version of my quest, which is in fact a six-month journey à la Knolle:

At the end of fashion month in Paris Miu Miu always presents the last show on the last afternoon of PFW. Each and every time I’m excited that Miuccia Prada makes my eyes, (weary from all the impressions of the last few weeks) flash for one last time. On this very day, an autumn afternoon in October, I could not let go the “Ballet flats gone BAD”. Transparent ruffle-dresses over black polo shirts, plastic tiaras on top of braided hair combined with ballet flats! With punk-inspired leather buckles! I was blown away. A new silhouette, because you walk quite differently in these thin slippers. Wow! The next day, at the re-see appointment I studied the different models – ranging from nude to “lipstick”-red to black, made out of lather with buckles or satin, with a ribbon in black or a checked pattern. And of course I immediately posted my absolute favorite on Instagram

Simultaneously my imagination started running, and took me back to ten years ago when all of us wore Kate Moss’ infamous ballet-flats-with-skinny-jeans look day by day. And I disposed all of them when it was over. Fortunately yes, except for a pair of suede ballet flats by Repetto in my shade of nude – because they were just too comfortable. But you have to be true to yourself and no, they are not an alternative. So, now the wait begins. A small crumb of comfort: in european climes, and especially in winter, you should stick to sturdier footwear anyway.

Next stop in January: Paris Couture week. Gilda Ambrosio (to put it in JK’s words: if I had black hair, I’d love to be her posts a picture of herself wearing the ballet flats! A pivotal moment that shook me out of my winter sleep. I am thrilled and unsure whether I should just re-orientate, now that Gilda is obviously equipped with my loved ones and takes them out for a walk, already. Then fast-forward to March, Paris again, this time, day two of the Ready-to-Wear Fashion Week. In the meantime I sticked my nose out onto every shop window to spot my object of desire. Without success. Where did Gilda find them? I have to ask her..

Madame Figaro magazine portraits me for one of their summer issues and with great pleasure I discovered that not only did they have a fantastic selection of dresses but also, you know what!!!! Made out of nude-colored satin!  My good resolutions are blown away! All I want is to wear these ballet flats.

A few days later, the PR at Miu Miu provided me with my favorite looks of the previous season (ballet flats included) for their next show. The day before the show I received a message from the considerate PR manager. She asks me how I plan to wear the Look because it’s raining cats and dogs outside. I ask myself the same question.

As if the weather god had answered our prayers the gray rainclouds disappeared from the Parisian sky around noon and just in time for the Miu Miu show it stopped raining. That must be a sure sign. From now on I observe all the shops, online and offline, and wait for the ballet flats. When they were finally available I can’t decide which color, which material and I even had my doubts whether a tall person like me even looked well proportioned with tiny shoes like these. Oh dear. Obviously my desired shoes are out of stock immediately. Well. To find them offline in Berlin is rather tricky because there is no Miu Miu shop. So I browse every city I visit, in advance. No luck. Then, a day trip to Munich. My whole day is packed with appointments. I sense, that a visit to Theresa would only bring heartache. The inhabitants of Munich surely bought of all the ballet flats, already. This summer I’ll be wearing platform sandals anyway, I say to myself.

And now the “Happy Ending”: My appointments end earlier than expected and I use ten spare minutes to stroll through Theresa. My eagle eye instantly finds its bait. There they are, bedded on velvet: black leather ballet flats with buckles and ribbons in 41, my size! At once I am informed that this is the last model. And they are even comfortable. I guess, there’s nothing left to say.

Born and raised in Munich/Germany, Veronika’s professional career has developed from being a model to a fashion editor, to online luxury retailing and most recently style editor of Harpers Bazaar Germany. She currently lives in Berlin where in the beginning of 2015 she started a company with Julia Knolle, the ex-editor at large of Vogue Digital.
Oh, and she loves pugs!