Video Series – Part 1: The Quick Peach Treat

Beauty Video Quick Peach Treat

As I returned from my vacation in New York this year – inspired by the infinite range of beauty shops, cosmetic studios and hair salons – I was determined to create an address book with the best beauty spots in Berlin. At once, I started my search for the city’s hotspots. While the Big Apple is teeming with everything from massage parlors to mani-pedi boutiques to spas, in Berlin you have to look a bit harder. But a closer look shows that it’s worth it: I put myself in the hands of experts and chose my favorites. A small video series presenting three treatment trends was the result of the experience.

It starts in the Frauenzimmer, a cosmetic studio in Berlin Mitte, which is part of the beauty concept store Wheadon. The namesake and owner of the shop is Nicole Wheadon, who, with the small separate treatment room, fulfilled a long-treasured desire. In her corner store with natural cosmetic from Luxsit to Flairspray, from Lichtjuwel to biotechnology from Matrix, Wheadon offers a shopping oasis for beauty enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Just a few steps further the lounge is the place to go for anyone like me who is looking for special beauty treatment highlights. Nicole describes her range as “fitness for the skin,” offering a basic treatment (called Mount Everest for men and the Quick Peach Treat for women) which can be booked next to a various specials like a profi-peeling, a mask or décolleté care.

At the heart of the treatment is work with the Aquafit Skintrainer, a kind of massage for the face that when activated stimulates the skin’s vital functions with a slightly salty, cool water. Used once or twice a week, this “face training” has a long-term effect, regulating moisture balance, improving elasticity and minimizing pores. In short, the skin stays healthy.

Early in the morning, I went to go test it for myself, laying back on the lounger in the rear part of the studio, with a view out into a green courtyard, exhausted from long night, with swollen eyes and puffy skin I was excited about the before and after effect of the treatment.

Nicole began with a gentle facial cleanser, using Omorovicza’s Cleansing Foam The Budapest cosmetics brand focuses on the healing effects of Hungarian thermal waters and uses them as a mineral-rich base for their products. A patented mineral cosmetology system works alongside, so that the minerals are absorbed into the skin. Nicole believes in the effectiveness of systematic care, “avoiding compromise to the skin caused by too many products,” she explained to me as she lathered my face. Omorovicza is especially gently, and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin like mine. After the cleansing, the Aquafit Skintrainer is used. Comfortably cool and refreshing, the massage feels like a few minutes under a waterfall or in a bath of cool water and I slowly awake. The Copper Peel does the rest. The peeling foam develops its effect first in combination with an exfoliating scrub then a paste activator. It tingles on the skin and leaves a pleasant clean feeling – without stretching or tightening. Fifteen minutes with the Aquafit Skintrainer follow, and my tiredness disappears, a quick glance in the mirror reveals: Even the puffy eyes and slightly wrinkled skin around my mouth have disappeared. Finally Nicole applies the Illuminating Moisturizer to my face which will add nourishment and radiance, a gentle eye cream to the eye area and a moisturizing balm smelling of fresh mint to my lips.

The skin workout is complete!

Julia Alfert

Originally from Hamburg, Julia Alfert moved to Berlin from Paris in 2010. After completing her studies in Art History and trying out different jobs, her path led her to Harper’s Bazaar, where she worked as Fashion & Beauty Assistant until mid 2015. While she’s harboured a love for all things beauty-related for as long as she can remember, her discovery of the written word is recent. When Julia isn’t busy trying out different creams, oils, and sprays she writes and styles for an assortment of magazines and websites.