Shopping: Wedding Guest

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I generally quite enjoy the concept of a wedding! The huge celebration, all the euphoria, lanterns and confetti everywhere — there is nothing more beautiful. So we are excited weeks ahead of time and can barely concentrate on anything else, especially when it’s a good friend of mine that’s getting married. The schedule of my private calendar therefore looks like this: manicure, hairdresser, location check, optimizing the seating chart (my personal favorite!), arranging the perfect underwear to go along the see-through dress of the bride, etc. etc …

At some point I realized that my closet doesn’t have anything suitable for me to wear, seeing as I’m not allowed to be in all black or in white! My father’s light blue collared shirts aren’t really helpful here either. So, what to do? I won’t even consider anything pastel-colored, bright, or with funny prints and even the bride’s well-intended suggestion of a floral wreath just won’t cut it. To find a clever solution, I spent hours online and managed to find not one, but two dresses! (One by Stella McCartney the other by Victoria by Victoria Beckham) Both dresses were last season’s pieces on which works in favor to avoid the dreaded faux pas of seeing another woman wearing my dress.

This super trick to just combine black AND white resulted in a loving selection of dresses, hoping that it will gracefully meet the wedding’s unofficial dress code. The accessories are kept in black, consistency is key after all! Inspired by Kate, I choose Mary Janes by Marc Jacobs and a bag by The Row. Finally, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy the champagne towers!