Selfmade Experts: Alexandra Kruse on Being a Mermaid

Mermaid Collage
© Collage / Katrin Weber

Mesmerizing and magical mermaids are having quite a moment. Cara Delevingne turns into an underwater goddess for Joe Wright’s movie Pan, there’s the upcoming remake of The Little Mermaid (unfortunately Sofia Coppola won’t be going under the sea to direct, she dropped out due to creative differences) and there are classes springing up everywhere teaching you how to swim like one of these divine creatures. If you want to jump in right away, you can don one of Rodarte’s sensational fishnet dresses, dive deep for some enchanting Venxy Jewellery, wear a hint of mermaid perfume, colour your hair in pastel rainbow colours or send yourself to a glittery mermaid retreat including monofin swimming – my summer fantasy of choice.

Serendipitously, my telepathically-gifted boyfriend surprised me with a super-spiritual “Mermaid Workshop.” What I expected was a  pastel-hued, Disneyland fairy retreat in a nice hotel, close to one of Switzerland’s amazing turquoise lakes. #not #thankyoudavid It turned out to be a deeply moving, not at all Disney experience. I ended up sharing sweat, tears, and intimate secrets with my newly found mermaid sisters. It took me 37 years to somehow connect with my emotions and desires, then it happened by simply looking into the watery depths and embracing my own reflection.

Born under a Cancer sun with a Scorpio rising sun and a lot of Pisces (all very watery and intuitive signs) in my horoscope, I’m a born mermaid. I remember my grandmother reading Hans Christians Andersen’s original “The Little Mermaid”, which, like every fairy tale, withholds the secret healing arts of the great goddesses (a true love story that ends with more tragedy than happiness).

I grew up with two sisters and a huge pool in our garden – we mermaid-ed all summer long and kept an intimate sisterhood until my parents decided we were old enough to forego the pool playtimes. I quickly forgot  about my endless, playful hours splashing in the water – not even the animated Arielle had the power to remind me of how wonderful life underwater truly was. I got lost somewhere in a continuously body-shaming fashion world. I swam in vodka and swallowed my salty tears. A grounded and gentle human soul (which, to be clear, was the opposite of everything I dreamed of) fished me out of my homemade drama. #realitycheck

The mermaids called me a hundred times. They sent e-mails inviting me to the warm, calming waters of Kuramathi Island, made me (in a strictly vegan phase) eat a very stingy sea urchin raw and nearly alive and, to my own surprise, I finally ended up dancing around, naked as the day I was born, in the conference room of a very Swiss luxury hotel, filled with joy, laughter and wreathed in mermaid accessories. I learned that the realness of the mermaid is about nothing else than a very authentic “yes or no” – standing your ground and learning that you always have a choice (legs or no legs?!)

Plus, mermaids are hair-maids, they always have the tools to de-tangle the truth (I do prefer the “tangle teaser”), to separate the meaningful from the trivial. They listen to their inner voices and the world around them, they value their treasures, and they can let go with ease, knowing that each wave will bring them new delights! They don’t go with the flow; they ARE the flow,

Mermaid therapy worked for me – whatever works for you, discover where your personal shores are, find the places where you can relax, unwind and just be yourself, where you can take your edges (and your bathing suit) off, to just be your naked and glowing self. And at one point try to swim with a monofin – it is not as easy as it looks and moves more than your hips! Let’s all sing our mermaid songs together, re-discover the power of sisterhood, free our oceans from waste, ride our dolphins and dive deep, deep into the sweet serenades of our souls.

Blessed days full of sea, salt and magic to all of you!!

Xoxo, your mermaid of love,


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Alexandra Kruse

Alexandra Kruse completed her studies in Fashion Journalism and lost her heart to Elle Girl ten years ago. These days she writes from the heart and works as a stylist. Her work has appeared on huge billboards as well as in Vogue, Time Magazine, and numerous other publications. She lives in Switzerland with her little blonde son and her DJing, yoga-teaching boyfriend. Originally from a small German village she worked her way up the fashion ladder via magazines, department stores, and countless bars while spending a fortune on shoes and handbags. She finally found her love, luck, and light in Zurich and believes in unicorns, the power of crystals, and the magic of the moon. She loves to share her universe-approved stories.