Editor’s Pick: Pug Clutch from Charlotte Olympia

© Julia Zierer

This actually doesn’t require an explanation – why, how, what? The look already says it all.

Therefore, just briefly: our greatest desire (the hw! team is unanimous) is for a happy office pug, who dutifully scampers around and always looks busy. Even our contributor Arthur voted for an informed correspondent in hw! central. But as we all know, employees need self-assured, daily attention and demanding tasks.

Until we’ve grown into this responsibility, we will send each other puggy GOT (yes, we mean the acronym for Game of Thrones) gifs from the YouTube hit “Pugs of Westeros and ALWAYS show up at EVERY invitation from Arthur (last week it was tea time with the fabulous Margit J. Mayer at Gucci, for example).

And for all the moments that our future office pug doesn’t have time for, there’s this portable likeness in the form of the Pandora Clutch from Charlotte Olympia. It brings a good mood to every party, is the perfect dance partner and guarantees that there’ll always be something to talk about at the table.