Editor’s Pick: Dior Jacquard Boot

There are so many reasons to love these boots. The most convincing, however, is the fact that this wonderful footwear immediately caught my eye at the presentation of the Dior Resort collection. And here I have to add, this wasn’t one of Raf Simons’ normally exceptional shows (they’ve always been remarkable and worth mentioning, starting with the giant walls of flowers at his first couture show in July 2012). Last May at the film festival, this celebration of aesthetics took place on the on the Côte d’Azur: more precisely, in Le Palais Bulles, the so-called Bubble Palace, in Théoule-sur-Mer. Designed by the Hungarian architect Antti Lovag and built between 1975 and 1989, I like Tim Blank’s association best: the location reminds him of a private home suitable for the Flintstones or a heap of Murakami-esque eyeballs.

My introduction says it all – there was too much to discover and marvel at – and yet I’m still totally hung up on these boots. At first glance they appear to be very fragile. Almost like stockings. The small form and luxurious flowered jacquard (the heel is a different color) reminds me a bit of royal footwear in the court of Louis XV.

Jimi Hendrix would have loved the Sgt Pepper buttons and would have definitely worn them with his skin-tight velvet suits. Otfried Preussler’s “The Little Witch” wore exactly this footwear in my childhood fantasies – pointed, long and high with a small defiant heel.

In short, this is why they are the perfect choice for big entrances and magical nights. Agreement in our office is unanimous – they are neither made nor intended for running around during the day. My favorite detail is the corset-like laces on the inner foot. I would wear them in a slightly different combination, with very thin black tights. And after completing  the look with my favorite song from The Doors the sidewalk will bow before my “Wicked Boots” and all of the boisterous Christmas parties can come as they may!