Alexa Chung Label Launch

Alexa Chung, Unknown, Derek Blasberg | ©James D. Kelly

Style icon Alexa Chung launches her own label Alexachung. Find all impressions from the debut shows

The time has arrived and the wait is now over! Alexa Chung, the style icon of an entire generation – that would be mine! – is finally creating her own eponymous label. I distinctly remember trying to find a hunting jacket, looking everywhere in secondhand shops for a Victorian high-collar shirt, and begging my mother to get me those American flag Converse when she first started to appear in fashion magazines – 10 years ago already. I did. You did. We all did. Why? Because Alexa consistently managed to create elegant and classy looks without seeming overdressed.

“Prom Gone Wrong” Presentation Event in Paris:

Her style influenced us as much as the high-end and fast fashion collections. She brought back so many forgotten items inspired mainly by Jane Birkin, but also by art – the trench, the basket bag, but also the short hair and eyeliner cat eyes to mention just a few.

Lookbook “Prom Gone Wrong”:

Stylish but also wise and funny, Alexa Chung is not only a pretty face, but a true businesswoman. Her design accolades extend across several brands including Madewell, AG Jeans, and Marks & Spencer – all of which were received with brilliant success. Alexa is finally creating her own label composed of daywear, eveningwear, shoes, and jewelry pieces. All convey her signature style perfectly: a delicate balance between masculine and feminine, sprinkled with a playful twist.

Uzwei Store Event In Hamburg:

“I had been creeping towards this goal of starting my own business for years and finally it just felt like the right time to take the plunge. The experience I have enjoyed in art directing, modelling, and designing for other brands bolstered my confidence and experience across some of the many areas it takes to form fully fledged brand. Ultimately, I just really like making clothes and dreaming up new outfits and although it’s a risk I was too curious not to try to do this to make my dream a reality.”

Impressions from her label launch in London:

Alexachung celebrated the “Prom Gone Wrong” collection with a presentation event in Paris, September 30th.

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