Playlist: Justin O’Shea

Justin O’Shea created a playlist for us that will make all Brioni fans’ hearts beat a little faster: a list of rock classics

Few will have missed that Justin O’Shea is now the creative head of the house of Brioni, a heritage label dedicated to tailor-made suits. Until now, its customer base included elegant men who would only tolerate the finest fabrics against their skin. This image was so clear that you had an image of it in your head immediately – should that always stay the same?

One day the opposite of that was decided – and the brand set out to reposition itself. Now, that can happen slowly and steadily, as an organic process that takes the customer gently by the hand. But Brioni did it completely differently: with the publishing of campaign shots taken by Zachery Michael, it was all clear. The band Metallica, shot in black and white, were the subject, the new logo on top.

And so it was also no surprise what kind of music was coming through the speakers as the models came down the runway at the show during Paris Haute Couture. “I already had the soundtrack for this show in mind when I didn’t even have the job internally. ‘Order’ and ‘structure’ are not my specialty. I can’t think of a really good reason these songs should all be grouped together. But they are all fucking great, so I guess that’s about it.’

I’m impressed anew by this attitude every time – and it reinforces something for me especially: one, to be more courageous, and again to look over the edge and beyond what’s expected. Thank you for this playlist, Justin!

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